The new frontier.

Welcome to Apostrophe Consulting!

In 2010, I launched this business in the thick of the Recession. Over the past 7 years, the business has evolved as my experiences have led me to collaborative projects with design firms, small businesses, and nonprofits across the country.

Merging my passion for design and business thinking, Apostrophe Consulting offers seasoned and new leaders access to the very best resources and knowledge I have gathered from a decade of research on evolving trends in business management. I use design thinking as a framework for shaping business management strategies for organizations of all sizes.

As Bob Dylan famously sang, "The Times They Are A-Changin’." I wholeheartedly believe that we are participants of the new frontier of practice. From business, to design, to innovative thinking driving rapid changes in technology and cultural norms -- we are participants of an evolving culture of practice that is shifting the way we work, communicate, and create.

Navigating practice changes can be a daunting task for even the most seasoned leader who is already trying to keep pace with the ebbs and flows of their client needs. However, if we truly seek to lead our employees, help our clients, inspire communities, and champion organizations to greatness, we must also take time to understand the invisible forces that shape our workplace environments. These invisible forces are exactly what hold us back from optimal businesses performance.

Apostrophe Consulting offers a variety of customized services for various business planning needs. Our process is rooted in four primary steps towards strategic planning:

1. Research + Strategic Planning.
Change starts from identifying and understanding the truth of where you are. Many leaders struggle with the assessment required to clearly understand the variances between present state and optimal performance. Custom designed needs assessments and tailored research plans offer our partners evidence based date to inform short and long-term planning. Our strategic planning process is achieved through a highly collaborative stakeholder engagement process.

2. Meeting Facilitation + Community Outreach.
Building from the research and strategic planning process, I use design thinking principles to engage users in both meeting facilitation and community outreach. Using a variety of techniques to bring diverse voices forward, we engage teams and communities to understand where consensus can grow, and what barriers exist in preventing growth.

3. Leadership Development + Coaching. 
My work has deeply been informed from a lens of studying creative business leaders behaviors, management styles, and best practices. Through my research conducted with the American Institute of Architects, I collected a body of leadership theories that are ideal for creative leaders. Backed by research during my MBA studies and work as a marketing professional, I have experience in applying these concepts with individuals and teams.

4. Change Management + Implementation.
Finding discrepancies in ideas, beliefs, and opinions allows for the change management process to begin. Moving from where the organization is, to where the organization wants to grow -- I work hands on with our partners to develop a road map that is adoptable within the context of specific organization needs. I also offer leadership services through the implementation phase.

Je'Nen Chastain